These are a few of my C source hacks that have stood the test of time. I use most of them very frequently even now years after they were first written. The last few are not used as frequently, but when I need them I really do!


This is an ANSI filter progam, it understands ANSI escape sequences and when it sees them in it's input stream it either interprets or strips them to provide a plain ASCII output.


A hexdump program in the SCO Xenix format. Includes a -r option to reverse the hexdump.


Perform a hard reset of a modem and serial line. If there is a connection on the line this will tear it down. If this cannot reset your modem then you need to repair your modem!


Very simple modem program in the style of 'cu'.


Simple scripting support for selterm.c.


Very simple modem program in the style of 'cu', older version, also known as miterm.c.


Complete multi-part decoder for uudecode, xxdecode, base64 and yEnc files. Understands many Subject and section headers to allow joining of multipart uuencode files in the correct order. Can detect corrupt data and will ignore corrupt uuencoded sections. Does not require uue segments to be in seperate files and can even work under situations like this:

         cat command_list | nc news nntp | uudecode -v

This program does not understand MIME headers, however this does not stop it detecting and decoding every piece of base64 it's given. (Including pgp ascii armoured)


Standard encode and decoder (no multipart) for uuencode, xxencode, posix-mmencode and even old style uuencode files. Understands and generates 'table' and line checksum constructs.


This program word wraps it's input at -wNN columns, the really smart bit is that it will autodetect LF, CR-LF or CR as the end of line terminator on it's input. The dumb bit is that it's write only code; ugly! If given a -r flag it will remove single linefeeds in it's input and fold that. The -iNN flag specifies an indent for the output.


Extract or hexdump the contents of a tape to a file. Understands several IBM EBCDIC tape formats.


This program converts information from the BIN file of a bin/cue set or from a AVSEQ01.DAT file on the windows view of a vcd into an mpeg or mpeg2 file. It's dumber than for example vcdgear but this sometimes lets it extract more broken files.