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This page exists primarily as a distribution channel for the software I've written or distribute. So if you're looking for interesting personal stuff, you're out of luck.


My Tiny Tools

This is a small collection of C programs that I have written because I needed a job done. Some haven't been changed in a very long time (The text folding/refolding one in particular hadn't been changed in 10 years until I found a buffer overflow!) but I still use these pretty often.


Terminal emulator for the IBM-PC

This is a simple MSDOS terminal emulator program for direct serial port, bios emulators and telnet over a packet driver. It's basic emulation is identical to the SCO-Xenix console with a few additions including a multi-page facility that works well with the SCO 'mscreen' utility.

At one point I added facilities to allow it to work 'perfectly' with Linux DOSEMU: This isn't perfect but many items (ALT-codes, Function keys, most of the 'extra' keys for example) do work. Because of this you may find it a little difficult to exit - press the two shift keys together followed by Escape. (This and the BRS are the _only_ ways out! C-A-D sends "^^a^^c^^Kd")

The program zipfile is 80k big and was last modified on 10/Jul/1999.


Tiny BBC micro simulator

This is a little 6502C emulator, at the time of writing it could simulate a 6502C at full speed on a poor machine; it can now do extreme clock rates.

You will need some BBC roms to try the emulator.

By the way if there's anybody around with authority to change the copyright license on these roms the community would request that you explicitly allow them to be distributed and used for machine emulators. I'm currently assuming that either nobody cares or that such a clause exists; if this is not so please contact me at the above address.


Linux 8086 development environment.

This is based on Bruce Evans's C compiler with additonal code, including a reasonable C library for ELKS DOS or standalone, written by myself and others.

This is the source mainly for use with Linux i386 but should work with other unix versions, within Linux the assembler and linker are used for bootblocks, DOSEMU and other packages.

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